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Optimization in Oil & Gas

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These slides give an overview of some of the challenges in optimization of oil & gas operations.

Demand for oil and liquid gas products has grown exponentially to record levels. The oil & gas industry has invested billions in technology to automate critical data collection and real time access.

It’s time to use all that data to improve operations.

  1. Blends: Compute blends of oil and naphtha to meet transportation and sales requirements

  2. Trucks: Schedule trucks and drivers to maximise throughput while complying with complex technical requirements

  3. Routes: Quickly build transportation plans and alternate routes

  4. Batches: Schedule batching to minimise contamination while keeping inventories at desired levels

  5. Capacity: Simulate capacity increases and study the network’s response

  6. Depots: Manage depots and inventory

  7. Boats: Schedule port operations, boat queueing and dock assignment while controlling uncertainty