We are CoEnzyme

We provide IBM ILOG CPLEX training, consultancy and customization to solve your supply chain optimization problems, in order to optimize your operation efficiency and profitability.

We are always with you to make your project

We apply mathematical optimization to solve your supply chain optimization problems. While many of our engagements involve delivering an optimization-based application, we also offer a broader range of services.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning techniques to forecast demand and other business drivers that are key for your operations


We create dashboards and visualizations for users to easily understand their business and analyse possible improvements.


We use optimization to help your team make better decisions for the business


We use simulation to evaluate in almost real conditions the suggested changes in the business and measure their impact before deployment

Our Partners


Prescriptive analytics

IBM prescriptive analytics solutions provide organizations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, government and other highly data-intensive industries with a way to analyze data and transform it into recommended actions almost instantaneously


Opta LP

Diagnosis, simulation and optimization

Opta-lp provides solutions for the optimization of logistics, production and resources : diagnosis, simulation, optimization studies and software. Opta-lp experts will provide the best solution to your needs.



Advanced analytics

SmartBP helps you implement advanced analytics in your decision making processes. It offers mathematical optimization solutions that add value to your company from data analysis to reports and optimized action plans.



Consulting, hardware and software services

Multitudine provides consulting services, hardware, software and training for public or private companies in Chile.