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Optimization in Bridge Construction

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These slides give an overview of some of the challenges in optimization of construction operations.

As a public construction company, it’s important to understand the pulse of the construction industry and tailor production (building roads, bridges, train stations, subways, schools, … etc) to meet demand more closely by working directly with thousands of end buyers.

Despite common repetitive operations, the stochastic and dynamic nature makes the Optimization in Construction Projects extremely complex. The poor and inefficient construction process management then causes industry suffers from huge amount of capital wastes.

Due to its complex nature, most optimization problems in construction appear to be a combination of various original optimization problems:

  1. Tower Cranes Scheduling
  2. Concrete Production & Delivery
  3. Site Layout Planning
  4. Resource Scheduling
  5. Traffic Rerouting

Goals for Construction Optimization:

  1. Improve project certainty
  2. Reduce over-ordering of materials
  3. Improve site efficiency
  4. Faster project implementation
  5. Reduce risk of accidents
  6. Lower overall cost
  7. Minimize waste
  8. Reduce impact on the environment

The construction industry has undergone considerable change in the last decade. Ever more demanding clients and fierce competition have resulted in many organisations having to look for ways of differentiating themselves.

However, limited attention has been paid in practice to mathematically-based approaches for processes optimisation. Therefore, better awareness about contemporary techniques for processes optimisation can be generally beneficial to all decision makers in construction industry, especially to project managers and experts for production preparation.